Hydrangea paniculata Dentelle de Gorron ® 'Rencri'

Up into September, Dentelle de Gorron ® is remarkable for the abundance and lightness of its white flower heads, shaded with green, then turning creamy white. Each panicle, 30 cm long, is made up of a cloud of simple small and sterile flowers. Being supported by a long pedicel and having fine petals, all together they give a nice feathery look, reminding us of lace. The fertile flowers are limited in number. This variety of Hydrangea paniculata has also been selected for its early flowering, from June. The shrub has a round, compact and well branched shape, and is of moderate growth. The different varieties of the Hydrangea paniculata range go well in a shrub border together with perennials or in a pot.
Height : 2,00 - 2,50 m - Width : 2,00 m.

Breeding: Jean RENAULT- European Plant Breeder Rights