Hydrangea paniculata Diamantino ® 'Ren101'

A little jewel...

This selection is particularly interesting for its general density and abundance of flowers. Diamantino ® has an upright shape, slightly flared and is of medium height.

The very bushy panicles of the sterile flowers are carried by straight stems. The 20 cm long flower heads have a rounder shape than the other varieties of Hydrangea paniculata. Yellow-green at first, the panicles become white and then pink at maturity. The abundant flowering is quite early, starting mid-July and lasting up to the end of August - beginning of September.

The different varieties of the Hydrangea paniculata range go well in a shrub border together with perennials or in a pot.

Height : 1,20 m - Width : 1,20 m. 

Breeding: Jean RENAULT - European Plant Breeder Rights