Sedum blanket

Every year, we produce 14 000 m² of sedum blankets. 
Delivered in rolls, the blankets are fast to install with an immediate effect. They are perfect to vegetate roofs and can be used in spaces that are difficult to plant or to maintain.

The blankets are made from a mix of sedum. From May to June, the flowers are opening up in white, pink, or yellow tons. All along the year following a climatic change, the different foliage move from light green to tanned green. The vegetating height doesn't go over 15cm.

The blankets can be planted all year long outside of freezing periods and high heats. The July-August period must be avoided.

Laying the blankets of a roof 

The blankets must be laid down on 6 cm of substratum. The blankets are rolled out one by one next to each other in quincunx, with no overlap. It is important to squeeze them as much as possible. There should not be any air gap between the blanket and the substratum. The cutting is done with a sharp knife. The blankets have to be copiously watered. This immediate watering after the laying is essential to the good regrowth.


A systematic watering is useful once a week during the two first months (depending on the pluviometry). During heat waves or high temperatures, an extra watering is recommended. An observation of weeding growth is necessary during the first year.