We are producing 200 000 plugs per year.
They are delivered in plates of 104 holes of 3cm of diameter. In a substratum of 8cm, it requires to plant 20 to 25 plants per m². A planting during spring or from beginning of September to mid-October will increase the chances of regrowth. To permit a good growth of sedums, an addition of fertiliser in the substratum is necessary.

Plantation of plugs

The extraction of plugs is done from a plate of culture well-watered (easier to extract once humid) by pressing bellow the bottom of the plug. A pattern can facilitate the plantation for a homogeneous repartition of the plants on the roof. The plantation has to be copiously watered which will complete the compacting of the soil around the roots. This immediate watering after the laying is essential for the good regrowth.


10 days after the planting, the verification of the watering and of the possible weeding is necessary. After one month, a verification of the watering and the weeding is highly recommended. An observation of weeding growth is necessary during the first year (2 to 3 visits to plan during the year).